What if EVERY city gave Jesus it’s keys?!!

What if EVERY city gave Jesus it’s keys?!!


God is mighty and just and He is faithful to bless obedience.

He moves MOUNTAINS through it…He restores people, and churches, and cities!

God WILL and DOES great things with the few and the weak.  It is when He moves in the most unlikely places that we sit up and take notice.

Beth (Start With Amen : by Beth Guckenberger) takes us to one of those unlikely places as she shares the story of CITY REVIVAL in Chapter 11 of Start With Amen. 

It began with a prayer, a dream, a vision…and through the obedience of one, God’s miraculous plan began to unfold in Monterrey Mexico.

“It was 2011, and in Monterrey, Mexico, where I was living, 1,782 people were assassinated in the much-reported drug war. The cartel conflict had grown so thick that by the fall of that year, people were no longer going out at night for tacos, a true sign of a Mexican crisis.”                       -BETH GUCKENBERGER

One Pastor, (Salatial) through the work of the Holy Spirit, moved from passive listening to action. I won’t go into all the details, because I REALLY want you to read BETH’S BOOK! The gist of the story is this. Against ALL odds, against the “push back of man” against the enemy who came to kill and destroy, one faithful follower began to do what God called him to do, without question. 

The result… A CITY THAT TURNED IT’S KEYS OVER TO JESUS CHRIST! Can you even believe that? Just wow.


Man, what if that became a greater reality …throughout our nation and the world… Cities that publicly handed over the their keys to Jesus!!! Get out of town! No, really… it’s enough to cause the enemy to “GET OUT OF TOWN!”

It IS possible…with Christ ALL things are possible.

It starts with us. You and me.

What specific action is God calling us to do TODAY? TOMOROW, AND THE NEXT DAY AFTER THAT? It takes a ready heart, willing to listen, willing to set aside personal agenda for God’s agenda.

Like Salatial, we have mountains to move, and it starts one rock at a time. EVERY DAY is an opportunity that the Lord gives to each of us.

What rock is He asking you to carry, to move, to lift up? I want to be more intentional about listening for the smallest of details, and following though with the hard stuff.

Instead of throwing stones, I want to lift them.

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror”  – Michael Jackson had it right.

It’s not about what someone else is or isn’t doing…it’s about me.


If we move the rocks God calls us to move, we can ALL have more tacos!


Let’s get hungry:)

Bless you,





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