Sending you a little love:)

Sending you a little love:)

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“I have nothing but love for you”

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  • Good morning, my LOVE!

    You are so precious to me and a constant source of encouragement! I SO enjoy your daily messages from God’s heart to mine!

    As I’m sure you’ve heard, we suffered a horrific tragedy in Colerain, just a short distance from New Hope over the weekend. Nine people were shot, including three children, one woman and an unborn infant have died. New Hope and our outreach, The Sharing H.O.P.E. Center are seizing the opportunity to LOVE our neighbors in practical ways. I don’t know if you follow our two FB pages (New Hope Ministries and Sharing Hope Center) or not, but I’d love to know that you ‘check in’ and whisper a prayer for us.

    We are preparing to host a community meeting for the neighborhood where the tragedy happened. We, with the police chief’s blessing, have invited the Ohio Crisis Response Team to come to town and they will host the meeting. And just this morning, I feel impressed that God would have us host a block party for the neighborhood around the home where this occurred.

    I just saw this ‘love’ heart and my first thought was that I need to print it out, frame it and put it on my family tree in our living room. Then, I thought If you could add a few words to it, this could become the logo for the healing and support events we want to host in the coming days. Could you please add: We (heart) Northbrook! Your Colerain Neighbors Northbrook is the smaller area of Colerain that is poorer and has had a higher crime rate. They have also suffered racial tensions and have been complaining to the police about the condition of their neighborhoods. So I’d like to have both Northbrook and Colerain on the logo and this is the best wording I can come up with so early on a Monday morning. Maybe you have a better idea? Maybe put Northbrook inside the heart and Colerain wrapped around the top? The more I picture this, the more I like this idea of Northbrook being visually surrounded by LOVE and Colerain around the top. Obviously, Northbrook and Colerain would need to be in different colors. I can ask a printer to make yard signs for us and we can have this on the screen at the community meeting!

    I always feel guilty asking you to do just one more thing for another of my crazy ideas and I fall SO FAR short when it comes to telling you how much I adore and appreciate you!! So, just add this, yet another request to that long, one-sided list. You are one amazing sister! Paula Paula Bussard Father, please use me to make an eternal and dramatic difference in the lives of others. But please don’t let me see what YOU are doing through me.


  • I just want to thank you for the time spent and the beautiful doodles you send, they really perk me up and sometimes have not spent time with the Father and make me realise how important that is. God bless you and keep you and give you strength and lots of doodles ideas as you spend time with Him. Thanks again Val

    • Hi Val! Thanks so much for taking the time to encourage! I am humbled and grateful to “meet” so many other women seeking the Lord! God bless you with continued PERK! Xo

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