Doodle 101 / Unpack Truth / from The Armor of God Study by Priscilla Shirer

Doodle 101 / Unpack Truth / from The Armor of God Study by Priscilla Shirer

This week begins our (my church’s women’s bible study) last in the Armor of God Study by Priscilla Shirer.


“Salvation is meant to implement an entire new way of thinking into your life.”  -Priscilla Shirer

“What the brain is to the body, the mind is to the soul.”  -Priscilla Shirer

Until we allow God to renew our minds, our lives will remain the same…stuck in the limited and “wrong thinking” of our human minds.

I will repeat this truth again….We can have a mind like Christ! (1 Cor 2)

Let that sink in…

With a mind like Christ, we can see beyond any circumstance to the hope and GOOD PLAN for the FUTURE God has for us.

In the midst of losing a job…we can see hope

Beyond the chaos of challenging relationships…we can see who God is, and who He says WE ARE…AND that it’s not “all about me.”

Above the loss and disappointments of this earthly life, we can see the eternal.

We can live the full life Christ died to give us…understanding that our purpose is not to find “happiness for ourselves” but to Love God and love others…living as “the last” on earth with the promise that we will be first with Christ. To be FREE from the bondage of sin that keeps us in chains.

Our HUMAN MIND cannot “reason” these truths out.  Only the Spirit can renew our mind to “think like Christ.” (1 Cor 2)

The Helmet of Salvation is the truth that resides in our heart & mind…the belief and faith of our true identity. That Christ came to save us from ourselves…to bring us new life and a hope for our future.

We must know and act out our belief…trusting God …putting our faith into ACTION.

Today’s doodle comes from Priscilla’s analogy of her luggage.

She shares that she and her family travel extensively. Being a sought after public speaker, means traveling to events all over the world.

She confides in us that after some of these trips, she has a tendency to leave her unpacked luggage in the corner of her closet until she is looking for a particular article of clothing.  After searching in her drawers, washing machine, dryer and laundry basket, she finally realizes what she’s lookin for is still in her suitcase on the floor.

(I’m smiling right now, because I returned from a trip on Monday, and my unpacked suitcase remains on the floor of my closet!)

Her analogy goes on like this:

Our unpacked suitcase is much like the unpacked truth we carry around.  (Or leave on the pages of our sermon notes) We can walk out of church with a “bag” full of truth and leave it all, right in that bag on the floor of our closet…never actually using it…never “putting it on.”

Until we step out with our truth and put it into ACTION, our lives remain unchanged.

LIKE OUR UNPACKED SUITCASE FULL OF IMPORTANT ARICLES OF CLOTHING…We leave the power of God’s Word in the back corner of our mind…never “putting it on” …never allowing it to transform us and move us forward in the direction God has planned.

I just spent a few weeks with my Granddaughter. (She recently turned 6)

At bedtime, we read stories & then have girl talk, something we both look forward to!  One night, I was explaining the 3 P’s …PAUSE, PRAY & then PROCEED.  She’s a smart cookie, and seemed to understand what I was teaching her.  To her school’s credit, she is learning some incredible principles in the classroom…compassion, tenacity, craftmanship, courage, and self discipline. (After spending time with her class, it was encouraging to hear these 6 year old describe circumstances using these concepts!) Anyway, I told her that without God’s help, we can never fully achieve these characteristics. (Her school calls them “the way of the Blue Bear” ) Sometimes we don’t want to show compassion to the bully in our class, or use tenacity to overcome something that is hard…and sometimes we don’t want to use self discipline when there is cookie on the counter and no grown up in sight…we need God’s help.

(Pause, Pray and then Proceed.) She definitely pondered this and we prayed about it.

The next night, while reading stories, out of the blue she says, “Mimi, I like the 3 P’s, but I am going to also remember the 3 T’s.”

I said, Annabelle, that’s awesome…so what are the 3 T’s? And she replied, “I am going to TRY and THINK before I TALK.”

Kids are incredible…and capable of far more than we give them credit!!!

The point is…

We can “collect truth,” feel better for the moment we hear it, but never utilize it in our lives.  Truth is not meant to just be heard and filed away in our “suitcase” It is meant to become active in everything we do!

UNPACK YOUR TRUTH. It is meant to bring you LIFE ! As the Holy Spirit reveals truth to you, God has great purpose for that truth..purpose that will bring you blessing…peace, fulfillment, & joy! (FRUIT!) Purpose that reveals God’s glory.

Upack your suitcase…practice the 3 P’s (and the 3 T’s) and you will keep moving forward to the places God calls you to go.

Obedience develops faith…

It is the place God meets you and transforms you.

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