IDENTITY- Paper hand game

IDENTITY- Paper hand game


I grew up in the 70’s and I sure remember these!

I didn’t know what to call them??? I actually don’t remember calling them anything:) After trying to “google” their name I found a few…fortune tellers, pick-a-number, salt cellars(????), cootie catchers…hahaha.

Whatever you might call them, I bet many of you out there remember them too!

Why did we like to play with these silly things? I think it was about using our hands, seeing a “picture in our minds,” & looking forward to uncovering a mystery. You didn’t know what you’d get each time you played.

I remember looking forward to an answer I wanted to hear…usually disappointed, but then I’d want to try again!

Isn’t that such a parallel to our life?

We keep “looking for love in all the wrong places” and are left feeling disappointed, lonely, frustrated, hopeless, and unloved.

I wanted to create one of these cute little things that was more than just a false  “fortune teller”

I wanted to create an “IDENTITY REMINDER”

An active and fun way to remind each other of who we are in Christ and what He has promised us.  Instead of landing on a false truth, we can uncover life giving truth…our true IDENTITY…not one the world give us, that leaves us feeling unworthy and never good enough…but the one our Creator assigned to us out of LOVE. That is definitely something to look forward to!

I was reminded once again, of my favorite Chapter in Ephesians.

Priscilla shared this chapter of Ephesians in her video this week. (Wk 6)

Ephesians Chapter 1 is a place I run to when I need to be reminded of who I am and the great love and blessing God longs to lavish on me.

It is the chapter I send young ladies to, who are struggling with who their peers say they are…It is the powerful sword of TRUTH we can use to fight against the lies of the enemy that bombard us every day.

May these be an active reminder of WHO you are and WHOSE you are ❤️

Below you can find both a Black and White PDF (if you’d like to color your own) or a copy of one I colored. Click on the image then click on the grey title on the next page:)


Hope you have fun with these. Share them with your daughters:)

Bless you!

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