Shield of Faith

Shield of Faith

This is Week 5 in The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer.  It’s all about faith.

The Shield of Faith.

Priscilla mentions that if we are struggling to move forward in obedience, which is where our faith is developed, we do not need a BIGGER FAITH…we need to realize we have a BIG GOD.

We often have a distorted view of our God’s faithfulness, because we have not fully experienced it due to our lack of trust.

To develop an accurate view, we must take the first step, like a trust fall, He will be there.

I love Priscilla’s quote below:

“Whether or not a chair can hold my weight has nothing to do with how much faith I have. I could possess all the faith in the world, but my faith doesn’t make the chair any more strong or sturdy.” -Priscilla Shirer

We have to sit in the chair to become accustomed to it’s ability to carry our weight.  With each exercise of obedience, God grows our faith. We become more accustomed to His ability to carry our weight!

If you feel weak…fearful…or full of doubt…speak God’s promises of goodness and faithfulness…His Word is the power we need to move forward.

Our God is a bridge worth crossing…confidence, faith, strength, joy, peace, self control, patience, kindess, goodness and love wait on the other side:)

Let go of the hold you have on the lies of the enemy and declare the truth of the freedom the Lord has made.




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