Doodle 101 / Belt of Truth

Doodle 101 / Belt of Truth

Amazing Study…Annointed Teacher.

The Armor of God, by Priscilla Shirer.

We live in the midst of a battle.  It is not a battle of flesh and blood.

Our neighbor, or friend, our spouse, or co-worker, our family member…they are not our enemies.

The father of lies is our enemy.  If we do not know his strategy or our defense we stand no chance to win the fight.

Our stabilizer, our base and support is the truth…

THE TRUTH is the key to defeating the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy us, our relationships, our families…our purpose and salvation.

So…we MUST KNOW IT.  Our good Father has not left us helpless.

He came to take the sin out of our account…& He did not leave “our bank” empty… He left it filled with His Spirit…our help…

if only we will ask & receive.

My favorite lesson this week came from the example of the Roman Soldier’s first piece of Armor…The Belt, which was his first defense.

This is the most important piece…the armor that supports the weight of the Breastplate (our Righteousness) and carries the Sword (God’s Word)

Don’t leave home without it:)

Thank you Father, for giving us the gift of your Word…with it, we can know who we are, and WHOSE we are…we have the power to overcome, as Christ overcame.


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