FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT / Day 8 / Goodness

FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT / Day 8 / Goodness

She Reads Truth Study ; The Fruit of the Spirit

Day 8  Goodness

I could REALLY relate to Raechel’s school bus story.

Growing up, Goodness was a hunger for me. There were lots of reasons for that I suppose, but none the less…I worked at it with fervor.

I remember as a little girl (age 5 or 6) a relative decided to name their dog after me…”sugar.”  I was born with a heart that wanted to please others, which eventually equaled good to me.

I remember the first time my long time Bible teacher, (who became my mentor and treasured friend) shared this verse with me… Ephesians 5:8

It hit me hard…and my first response was to push back with pride.

“I’m not dark…I’m good, I’m light” He’s not referring to me! I’ve worked REALLY hard at being good, and I’m GOOD at it!

But she said it again, and her words were filled with awe and thanksgiving. His love pouring out from her heart to her lips.

and then, the Holy Spirit stepped in and pierced MY heart with the truth.  I guess I could have continued to deny it. I guess I could have shrunk back with shame…but God’s goodness…the goodness and mercy  that follows me, reached in and lifted me up to a place of relief (it’s not up to me anymore!) …to a place of gratitude (for this free gift of passionate unconditional love), to a place of praise (what a good and loving Father to award me this precious fruit when I didn’t deserve it!)

I could continue to “work at being good” never living up to my “Father-like” potential, or I could rest in the fact that Christ in me, brings perfect goodness.

Only God can grow the fruit of Goodness within us…because we were once dark. It’s a problem of the fall.

Without darkness, we cannot see light.  Can I get an amen?

I’m not afraid of the darkness anymore. It has no power…

for in Christ, our light never goes out.






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