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January Calendar (Free printable journaling calendar)

January Calendar (Free printable journaling calendar)

January Calendar / Sue Carroll

January Calendar / Sue Carroll  <—Click for PDF , click pic above for png.

So sorry for the delay !  I know that some of you have been using my calendars to journal.

(See this post LOVE your journaling Eden!

I’m a bit technically challenged (to put it mildly!) and I was “locked out” of my IPad😔

I had to take it on over to the AMAZING people at “Simply Mac.”  (They have been such a great resource with a very helpful and knowledgeable staff!) Unfortunately, they were unable to “unlock the door” and had to WIPE my IPad clean.  I lost ALL OF MY ART FILES! 🙄 😢😪😓😥🤧

Thanks to Susan Pedroza for reminding me to get the January calendar out!!! I needed to start from scratch, so hopefully it’s close enough to the original, if you are keeping them together in a binder!

To download previous months click here—–>

I will get February and March out soon!

Happy Friday!




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