Living an ART filled life...“Creativity is a God-given ability to take something ordinary and make it into something special. It is an openness to doing old things new ways…The creative spirit is part of our heritage as children of the One who created all things. And nurturing our creativity is part of our responsibility as stewards of God’s good gifts.” - Emilie Barnes, The Spirit of Loveline

Printable Calendar Ideas by Eden!

Printable Calendar Ideas by Eden!

A very talented blog writer and 1Arthouse follower has come up with some awesome & creative ideas for using the free printable calendars I created.

Eden, has agreed to let me share some of her photos and ideas.

I just LOVE them!

What I celebrate most of all, is her faith conversations, encouragement, and study with her daughter! ❤️

Together, they came up with the idea to create a #hashtag for each day of study.  A simple visual that would fit in the space of each block and would serve as a reminder of the place the Lord has met them, and the truth the Holy Spirit deposited in their hearts.


Isn’t this just GREAT?!!!

So here is what the August Calendar looks like…


And here is what Eden created!!


I especially love the Bottom Right …”Soul Spa!”



If you would like to grab September and October Calendars go to the menu on my homepage and click on Monthly Journaling Calendars:)

Eden, thanks so much for connecting with me! I love your work and your commitment to the Lord.  I’m also CRAZY over the fact that you study with your Daughter! What a HUGE blessing.

To see more of Eden’s work click —–> faithjournaling


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