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The Virtue of Contentment : WK 1/ Day2

The Virtue of Contentment : WK 1/ Day2

Good Morning!

Praying that the Lord is drawing you to Himself as you practice His presence…abiding:)

How was your scripture study using the 3, 2, 1 Method?

Any Ah-Ha moments?

My hope is that as you continue this process of study, that you will find specific responses to the truth God reveals, and that you will make a commitment to carrying those responses out.

This is when the truth is put into action, which WILL effect growth in you and produce FRUIT!

My prayer is that through the course of our time together, the Lord will grow your confidence in

WHO you are and WHOSE you are!

Which reminds me…

Yesterday, someone posted something Priscilla Shirer wrote, that I’ve heard her speak…and it affected me DEEPLY.

I first heard Priscilla recite this during a Bible Study she was teaching.

I wanted to share it with you this morning!

Who's Your Daddy/ by Priscilla Shirer/ illustrated by Sue Carroll

From our Scriptrue this week (Phil 4:12-13)  I grabbed these specific truths…

1. There will be Ups and Downs…Highs and Lows in my life (it’s a promise)

2. Contentment is a “SECRET” I can learn, IF I will LISTEN.

3. I CAN do ALL things through Christ!

Am I a good listener?  Am I teachable? Do I trust the Lord to provide, or do I “handle” things myself?



(I can do all things though CHRIST!)

What did you learn from your study of God’s Word?

We will begin to move forward to process in a more personal way as we DIG DEEPER with our workbook questions.

From the definition of contentment : fulfillment, gratification, pleasure, satisfaction, serenity, peace.

CONTENTMENT ISN’T DENYING FEELINGS…BUT FREEDOM FROM BEING CONTROLLED BY THOSE FEELINGS…which often lead us to DISCONTENT.  (Lack of peace, pleasure, fulfillment, satisfaction…)

Processing those times when we are being RULED by our emotions will help us understand the deeper root to them.

Often our emotional responses pull us away from our focus on the Lord and cause us to turn inward.

These emotional responses are often NOT rooted in truth…uncovering the root, can help lead to uncovering a lie that you believe about yourself, others or even God.

Hoping you will take some time to share with one another on our GROUP FB PAGE.

As you process together,  you will find that you are NOT ALONE!

As we bring things that have been kept in the dark (where they fester and grow) into the LIGHT, we can see them for what they really are…As they are exposed to truth, freedom can be found.

Praying for FREEDOM!

Bless you,


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