The Virtue of Contentment : WK 1/ Day1

The Virtue of Contentment : WK 1/ Day1

To those of you who are joining me in the study

“The Virtue of Contentment” a final WELCOME!

I know that many of you have just ordered your books, and although we are going to start in them this week, you can follow along outside your book in a separate journal, transferring your work when you receive your workbook.

Pre-Study Check List

Join our FB page (to encourage one another daily!)

-Pre-book 3, 2, 1 study on scripture supporting the word ABIDE.

(Pre-book study found in last week’s posts here on my blog. / click here)

Read through all WK1 BOOK FILES

-Doodle & Lettering Lesson pages from BOOK FILES

-Personal Prayer (documented in your workbook on PG. 7)

(write a personal prayer to the Lord that you can pray before you begin each day of worship and study time.  Surrendering your will to the Lord’s Will….inviting the Holy Spirit to guide you…)


-Print off 3, 2, 1 Method of Study Card and keep as a daily reference 

One last thing Sisters…

The reason I created this study (sorry to repeat myself on this, IT’S IMPORTANT!)

was not only to support precious women like YOU in creating memorials of truth, but to dig into God’s Word…knowing that when we surrender ourselves to our LORD, He transforms us, Heals us, Restores Us…Lifts us above our human perspective

to think with “a mind like Christ!” (1 Corinthians 2)

I LOVE to create the art, but it MUST begin with a sincere heart that is seeking the Lord Himself:)  It is in this place of worship and surrender that He will be found…

and Contentment gained:)





A word on this process…

There is no specific timeline to the “homework.” Work at your own pace each week.

As you surrender in prayer, and then listen…the Holy Spirit will speak directly to your heart…revealing truth to you personally.  He will meet you in the place you are right now.

Often, the Lord will urge us to share what He has revealed to us.

This is the beauty of the body and mystery of God’s love for us.

Our Loving, Mighty God, chooses to use us to do His work.

Something you learn and share on our FB page, will not only be beneficial to someone else, but it will grow your trust in God’s faithfulness, as you experience His provision in a tangible and personal way!

The Virtue of Contentment/Sue Carroll The Virtue of Contentment/Sue Carroll

I am sharing my work today to give you a point of reference…but, be confident in knowing that God will speak to you in a personal way.  What He has “drawn out” in me, will be different for you!  PLEASE DON’T FEEL THE NEED TO ILLUSTRATE YOUR STUDY MATERIAL…I DON’T ALWAYS…I do find that as I process what I’m learning…coloring and doodling helps me “steep” in His word.  We will ALL have our own “sweet spots!”

If during your study time or FB interaction you have an AH-HA moment, record them in bullet points on the pages provided in your workbook.

I love going back to see them weeks/months later.


Each day this week I will post on WK 1 material and add the post reference to our FB page.

Let’s dig in together and share what the Lord reveals to us.

We are all an important part of the body, vital to it’s health.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and share.

I am praying for you Sisters, thanking God in advance, as He has already gone before us:)

Much love,


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