Basic Journaling Supplies

Basic Journaling Supplies

I thought I’d post a pic of my go to Journaling tools.  Hope it is helpful!


The classes I teach begin working OUTSIDE a Bible.

It’s confidence building to work in a separate journal…gets your feet wet:)

I often work in a journal first before I decide it’s something I want to transfer to the pages of my Bible.  Everyone has a different process…find what your most comfortable with:)



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    • I buy Koi watercolor on Amazon- they offer several different sizes , I pick up micron pens at Hobby Lobby . Oh and you can find water brushes at craft stores or order online. Koi field set comes with one! Hope that helps!

  • Ordered Virtue Bible Study. Can’t wait. Do you have a certain process you use to transfer from journal to Bible? Or do you just draw it again?
    Thank you 👍

    • Great question Sara! Sometimes, if it is the right size, I will trace the main outline with a pencil and go from there. It may seem a bit tedious to “re-do” a piece, but honestly, it’s great practice. Doing it this way helps get the initial placement right the first time:). You can also trace an original piece onto vellum and insert that into your Bible. Hope that helps!! Always available for questions! Xo

  • I have all of these except the knead eraser, but I just found Pentel mechanical pencils at Costco the are a number 7 but have a twist white soft eraser that’s like an inch long I’m really loving it. I own Koi watercolored but have old Pentel watercolor in metal tubes I love more than Koi but both are bright juicy colors.

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