• I want to join this bible study group but I don’t see a place to sign up. I did find the page to purchase the book but will that also include me in the bible study? I am really excited about this topic and don’t want to miss one minute of this bible study. Please let me know how to sign up. Thanks!

    • Hi Tricia:)
      Thanks so much for your interest! I love this study, and feel it is best utilized in a group setting, though it can be done individually. Women’s Bible Study is the vehicle God used to save my life, and through women like you, I learned what it meant to Abide in Christ. I do not have a plan for an online group, though I think it would be awesome! I will be praying about that!! Do you have a few friends you could do the study with? Or, maybe a group at church? I might suggest that take a look at the book for yourself, and see where God leads you! Please let me know if I can help in any other way. Bless you sweet Sister!! Xo

  • HI Sue I just ordered your book! So excited! My granddaughter has joined me in journaling. I love Documented Faith and Illustrated Faith. The FB family is very encouraging. Can you tell me what journal you are using in this post, did you use graph paper and draw the outline?(Getting ready for the next Bible Study & Journaling Class:)
    Posted on January 18, 2016 by sue carrol1
    I hope this makes sense.
    My cup runneth over,

    • Hi Bridget!
      I can’t think of anything much better than studying God’s word with your Granddaughter!!! Art Journaling is such a sweet way to bridge all kinds of gaps that prevent young and old alike from digging into the Word. Thank you for sharing that with me! -Just blesses me so!

      The binder in the post you mentioned, is one I used for a Bible Journaling Study I did at my home church. I love this simple binder, because it comes with lots of extras ( pretty dividers, pocket pages, and calendar.) It is reasonably priced at about $10.

      The filler “graph” paper in the photo, is a graph paper pdf I found online. (Free) I printed it off and cut it to fit the binder.

      Keep in touch, and please let me know how the study goes for you!

      In Him,

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