Lettering Video: Learning a new app for ipad pro:)

For my Birthday, my sweet husband bought me a new toy.  He researched it all before even talking to me about it….so very thoughtful!  I didn’t even know I needed one…The iPad Pro with it’s amazing pencil.

The people who create these tools are thinkers so far beyond this total right brainer, but boy am I grateful that the Lord  created each of us in such a unique way!

I am learning an app called Procreate.  There is so much to uncover, and it’s mind boggling how much this little $5 app can do!  I am thankful for the many artists out there, who post information and app tutorials on YouTube! It’s how I learn most everything these days:)

A feature that I’ve just discovered, is one that video tapes your drawing process, which is CRAZY FUN!

I’m thinking I might post a few to see if they are helpful to any of you:) Here’s my first one!

What do you think?!!

Blessing to you this Sunday,


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