Let know one think MORE of Me than he SEES IN me.


In our study on Contentment this week we are looking at 2 Corinthians 12:8-10, but if you go back a bit, Paul describes a miraculous encounter with the Lord as He shows Paul visions and revelations.

The disciple explains, that it is easy to get “caught up” in the miraculous…to grab some of the glory for oneself.

There can be such a fine line between exalting the Lord and exalting ourselves. As we continue to seek contentment in the Lord, I pray that we will all learn to celebrate our weaknesses as we experience God meeting us IN THEM to lift us up…our response can only be praise to Him who deserves all glory:)

Paul goes on to warn his brothers in Christ further, reminding them that they have forgotten where they were headed and turned back to old ways.  He warns against the division that stems from their self centered focus, and pleads with them to LOVE one another …to greet each other with a Holy Kiss….Love like this tears down walls, builds bridges, & can only come from one source.


“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, and the LOVE of GOD be with you.”  -2Cor 13:14.


Blessings to you and prayers that we will set aside petty differences and dig deep for the source we have available -to LOVE ALL people.


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