My inspiration for this came from my VERY gifted friend Brecken.

Here is her original piece!

6 thoughts on “PRAY”

  • Thanks, again. I have your doodles saved in a document. I love them. If you have time, please do a hummingbird. (God told His people to repeat the Shema “Hear O Israel, the LORD is one, love Him with all your heart mind strength… etc.many times a day – just like a hummingbird, coming to the feeder 5x an hour due to high use of energy but small calorie storage space. )

    • So sweet Anne:) I am thankful for all those the Lord allows me to “cross paths” with! It is such a blessing to have so many Sisters in Christ to connect with. … and I am also VERY THANKFUL for Brecken! She is beautiful in every way:) xo

  • Sue, I absolutely love this! Also, I just wanted you to know how inspirational your emails have been for me! I love all of them! I can’t wait to begin the class at RC3 in February! Much love and huge hugs!! Mary

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    • Mary, what a sweet encouragement you gave me in your kind words! You are such a sweetheart:) I’m so glad you have been getting my blog emails! AND, I am VERY excited for our class to start at RC3! BIG HUGS back to you my friend!!

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