Doodle 101 / Wash, rinse, repeat:)

Doodle101colander/Sue Carroll

I have learned over time (cause I’m old) that any sin, (which is present every day) will cause “static” in my ability to receive from God.  Like a radio signal that is not quite tuned in.

I don’t want to miss a WORD the Lord speaks to me, so a habit that I have developed is this: When I go before the Lord in prayer, I FIRST get “washed up” , clean and free of any debris that can get in the way of my hearing.  I know that if I have “sin” between us,  I will not hear clearly!  And, because I am never WITHOUT sin I need to do this often…


One of the words that struck me in this verse is TRUE (sincere) heart.

If we ask for forgiveness of sin, we must do it with a sincere and repentive spirit… With the intention of turning away from that sin.  Does that mean I never repeat that same sin again?  Probably not…but, over time I will more willingly refrain, through the power of the Holy Spirit:)

Hope you enjoy the Doodle for today!

I love to hear from you, and I am always excited to meet all my fellow Sisters out there!



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