Doodle 101 / Triple God!


I have begun a new study by Lisa Harper called Believing Jesus.

I had the great pleasure of seeing her “live” at a local church here where I live right before Christmas.  Lisa offers some wonderful DVD driven Bible Studies that have been so well received by our Women’s Bible Study groups.

Todays teaching was on the Trinity.

“Our God is a Triple” 

1 God exists in 3 persons…each fully God…

equal in value but different in function.

God-planned our Redemption

Jesus- accomplished it

the Holy Spirit- affirms & applies it

In Lisa’s talk, she shared a cute story about a friend’s child who asked a challenging question.

“what does the Holy Spirit look like”

Not quite knowing what to say, the Mother said, “well, honey, what do YOU think He looks like?”  The little girl replied, I think He must look like a triangle…

Mom said, “why a triangle?”

“cause He always pokes me” the daughter replied:)

This is the doodle that brought the “image” of this story to my mind and heart.

God IS LOVE. (God in the heart) He is “3 in 1”.

He “pokes” us out of that LOVE. (the triangle)

The THREE created all things, breathing us into existence (Gen 2:7)…

We are secure in His hands. (the world upheld by the three)

It remains a mystery…that our God is 3 in 1.

If we understood everything about our Great God, we would be His equal.

I’m glad my God is greater than me!

He is a TRIPLE:)



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