Doodle 101 / Piano


Those of you who are following my blog, may have read that my “Mother-in love” has recently gone home to be with the Lord.

One lasting memory that we all share, is her love for music.  What a joy to watch her sit and play the piano…it never mattered that the songs were always the same, that she missed a few keys & added some extra… or that eventually (due to her arthritis) she no longer could play…She simply installed a player piano…& her songs played on…in everyone’s hearts.

When the grandkids were little, she would sit them on her lap, and teach them songs like “I can wash the dishes, I can sweep the floor, I can kiss the pretty girls behind the kitchen door.”

Later, she would thrill and grin from ear to ear just to hear them play or sing a song.

She always had a smile on her face, and a song in her heart.

I love you Mom.

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