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My desire is to be intentional, daily, to remember that this “HOLIDAY” season is not about shopping, parties, decorations, and elves on a shelf…it is about the ONE who came in LOVE to save.

I am thankful for sisters in Christ, who provide help in being rise above the earthly “bent” of “Holiday Celebrations”

Jennie Allen and her band of sisters, provide a great resource to start each day in preparation of the coming of our King…our Savior…the One who now sits at the Right hand of God, interceding on our behalf.  I love this prayer below, taken from IF EQUIP’s  December 3rd Advent post.

Advent = Arival:)

O God of all the prophets, 
you herald the coming of the Son of Man 
by wondrous signs in the heavens and on the earth. 
Guard our hearts from despair so that we, 
in the company of the faithful 
and by the power of your Holy Spirit, 
may be found ready to raise our heads 
at the coming near of our redemption, 
the day of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Praying for us each to keep our focus on the One…that instead of looking down, or in, we raise our heads to look up….to see the Fulness of His Glory- rooted in the GREAT Love of Christ.

Bless You!PM:signature*as a side note…

my husband calls me a “scrapper”

a dog with a bone

I am soooooo technically challenged, and I scratch and claw my way through to figure out ways to improve my blog appearance and how to better post images…

You would laugh if you saw my current process of using my phone to take photos and then sending them to by email…downloading and then using pic monkey to try and lighten them enough to see…I am in SUCH a PROCESS of learning…trying to figure things out on my own.   I have watched countless tutorials on Illustrator, Pixelmator, etc. Oh, how I wish I had taken courses in graphic design:)

Today, I just realized that when I go to my downloaded image I can actually use a magic wand within my computer’s image tools to take away the background.  It’s still not clean, it’s missing my shading,  but no gray background! hahahaha….hope you got a laugh today:)

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  • I love you to pieces sister. I can laugh at both of us as we struggle through digital graphic design cuz I’m struggling right along with you. 😘

    • I think you are doing a great job. You are light years away from me, technically speaking! We had an art journaling workshop at our church the other night and used your fun Christmas tree. Thank you!

      • Thanks for the encouragement Daphne! It can be so frustrating to have a vision of what you want something to look like, and just can’t make it happen due to tech limitations:) You are so sweet. I am THRILLED that you used the Christmas tree! It brings me the most joy to know that I’ve helped in some way:) Hugs to you sister!!

  • WordPress has an app that you may be able to edit your photos on your phone and upload into the WP app. Maybe that could be worth an investigation. I have experienced those struggles. I have certainly been blessed with your blog offerings. Please be blessed to continue.

    • Gina, thanks so much for the tip!! I will look into that!!! Thank you also for your kind and encouraging words…it means so much to me when sweet women of faith reach out to connect with me:) xo

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