We were made for more…

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This week, along with 40 other beautiful women at my church, I began a new bible study written by Jennie Allen called Restless.  Audrey Assad’s song Restless, describes this study in one brief phrase…

“I am restless, until I rest in You.”

In any good story, the author weaves his tale to include many twists and turns…major and minor characters, emotional highs and lows, conflict & resolution.

We try desperately to write our own story, but without knowing what lies ahead, we often write the dime store version for ourselves, leaving our souls to yearn for more…in a state of “restlessness.”

We can be so busy trying to write our own story that we miss the fact that we are already in one. God’s story…and like any character in a book, we are unaware of what comes next…but our author is not.

He knows that His plan is the BEST plan…

He wrote the book “for Heavens sake.”

As long as we keep trying to write our own pages, we will be restless… searching for a better story line and a more satisfying ending.

Instead of filling the whole earth with His glory, we rely on ourselves, seeking our own glory.

I love how Colossians 1:27 puts it…

Christ in us would be the hope of glory.

We were made for more. We were made to do great things…and in those things, the whole earth will see His glory. And if we remain stubborn and silent, building towers in honor of ourselves, well, the Word tells us that “even the rocks will cry out,” in the end, God doesn’t need us, but He chooses us:)

May that be my motivation to take action.  Not to build a name for myself, but to proclaim HIS name above all names…to BE the HOPE of His glory…what an honor.



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