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Good Morning!

This is a “Doodle request” for my sweet friend and “personal assistant” Linda:)

BAJ/ Doodle 101/ Goat / Sue Carroll

I have been out of town for about a week, visiting my daughter and her family with my husband and last little chick… he has now flown out of the nest.

It was a hard day.  I guess we are really empty nester’s  now.

I love my kids so…I love all kids really.  God has blessed me with this heart and I desire to be obedient in all He has called me to do.

But, I know that He also calls me to release my children to His care.  I have learned this over the years…they are His.  Thankful for that.  We are called to “train up” the children our Father has entrusted to us…knowing that He alone is their safety net…their source of life.

This is difficult to live out in the midst of the child rearing years.  We want to guide and direct their paths…but we fall short when we lead…it’s more important to trust and to remain obedient, falling under God’s authority.  It is a daily tug of war…but one that provides great fruit for us all as we lean in hard…letting our tight grasp release to our Creator.

Some days (especially during the “teen years”) I would often literally step away from conflict and pray.  “God please give me the patience to trust you in this, to follow your lead Holy Spirit… please give me the temperament to speak with love FIRST.”

Praying for the confidence in knowing that no matter what “misguided choices” they may make, that God is faithful and will reveal Himself to them in His perfect timing…leading them home.

I must commit them to their Father in heaven…daily…no matter how grown up and independent they become:)

Our sweet little grandson Ethan, is back in the hospital struggling.

As difficult and heart breaking as this journey has been…I know that our Father has not abandoned this child.  But in my flesh, I must commit this little one and his parents again to His care alone.

Our Savior has made a way for us…this is not our home.

So, we will continue to listen to what our Loving Father teaches us…finding both peace and a grateful heart in our obedience and praise.

If you are reading this, and would be so generous to pray for Ethan and his precious parents I would be so grateful.

In Him,


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  • Thank you Sue for your art today but more importantly your words and your heart you shared. Prayed for your precious Ethan and his parents and you as well. This has been one of the hardest things for me and yet one of my greatest blessings, having children and releasing them into our Father’s care. Last year our last little chick for married. She waited 36 years for God to bring the right man her way and a few weeks ago we found out they are expecting their first baby. We are thrilled and praising God. This will be different than with our other grandchildren because the kids live about 6 hours away from us. So again God is reminding me to trust Him for their care and watch over this precious child growing in my girl. Blessed to serve a mighty God, and so grateful. Will continue to pay for Ethan. Please keep us informed.💕

    • Alexis, thank you so much for taking the time to share your heart. I wrote back using my phone, but it appears to have not sent:( How bitter sweet to watch your your daughter wait…I too, have a son, who waited:) God will bless her obedience! Although, sometimes, the blessings are disguised…as they seem to be at first glance, as we watch the “battle for life” his precious baby is in. Congratulations on your expected grandchild!! It is hard to live apart…but, God is faithful, and will provide great opportunity (in His timing) for you to “pour” into this family:) Coming along side you in “TRUST” much love, sue.

  • Thank you for your message today! It comes at a perfect time for me as we just moved our son to New Jersey in preparation for starting grad school at NYU. I struggle daily to not worry or be anxious for him in a big city where he knows no one. Why am I so sad? I know that God’s got this! I know this is a good opportunity for him, and he is excited about this chapter in his life. It’s just so hard letting go… Your words are an encouragement to me “I must commit them to their Father in heaven…daily…no matter how grown up and independent they become:)” I will pray for Ethan and his parents 🙂

    • Thank YOU for taking the time to read AND write:) God is soooo good…NOT only to encourage us through the body…but to also allow us to be part of His work! I am so glad that these words have encouraged you. I understand how you feel, and know that God will BLESS your obedience:) Thank you so much for your prayers! xo

  • Thank you for sharing and teaching. May peace cover you all in this time of waiting and praying. Prayers for Ethan and you all.

    • You are so welcome Cheri! What a kind and thoughtful post. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for prayer…Ethan is such a miracle…and has a long road ahead. Bless you Cheri:) xo

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