Doodle 101 / Shield

BAJ:Doodle101:Shield:PM:Sue Carroll

I am in the book of Proverbs using a Journible to write each verse as I take notes.

I love the visual this verse produces for me…that as we walk in integrity (the state of being whole and undivided) God is a shield before us…a force of protection against the schemes of the enemy.

To be “whole and undivided” we must have our “whole” heart focused on the Lord.  As we are aligned (in position…behind His authority)  in Him, we can “walk” in His footsteps that go before us.

The picture of His powerful shield in front of me, gives me the courage to do what He calls me to do.

Our Father is so good beyond any definition of good we could imagine with our limited human thinking.

Thank you Father, that you not only provide the direction of our steps toward GOOD, but that you protect us from the unforeseen as we travel on the journey toward eternity.

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  • I truly believe God led me to your art today! I know this to be true, because God has given this gift to you! Thank you for allowing God”s light to shine and reflect His greatness! Now before I go, let me just say…that it’s because of His great Faith, that we shall always know the way!

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