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The Shunammite Woman / Living Proof Live with Beth Moore

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What an amazing night of worship and truth.  Nearly 10,000 women (and a few men!) gathered in the name of Christ.  Beth Moore  can preach it like nobody’s business and has been my teacher for almost 18 years and although she can draw a crowd, it is truly the Lord who is calling us to Himself.

We will be digging into the story of the Shunammite woman.  A wealthy woman of “significance” who took in Elisha the prophet, by asking him to stay in the her upper room…the best room in the house.

When he asked what he could do to repay her she said nothing…I want for nothing…”I dwell among my own people.”

She was content to do him this kindness…allow him to stay with no expectation of something in return…but, when Elisha wanted to “do more” for her…she said, I’m good…I can take care of myself.

Beth said last night…”Do we not just want Jesus to stay in His room so we can take care of things ourselves? We seem to prefer He come out of His room ONLY when we get to the end of our rope and need someone to save us. 

Excited for and anticipating “Moore” great teaching today.




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