Doodle 101 / A King’s Crown

Good morning!

Thanks to all those who have joined in following 1Arthouse!  Here is a new DOODLE for you today:)  Just so you know…I am going to see Beth Moore tomorrow and Saturday, so although I may not have any new doodles for you in the next few days, I know that I will have much inspiration after spending the weekend with Beth🙂 I can’t wait!

BAJ:Doodle101:KINGScrown:PM:Sue Carroll

May you find time to be with the King of Glory today!  What a gift that we have a KING who wants to walk with us.

Who is this King of Glory that persues me with his love
And haunts me with each hearing of His softly spoken words
My conscience, a reminder of forgiveness that I need
Who is this King of Glory who offers it to me

Who is this King of angels, O blessed Prince of Peace
Revealing things of Heaven and all its mysteries
My spirit¹s ever longing for His grace in which to stand
Who’s this King of glory, Son of God and son of man

His name is Jesus, precious Jesus
The Lord Almighty, the King of my heart
The King of glory

Who is this King of Glory with strength and majesty
And wisdom beyond measure, the graceous King of kings
the Lord of Earth and Heaven, the Creator of all things
Who is this King of Glory, He’s everything to me

The Lord of Earth and Heaven, the Creator of all things
He is the King of glory, He’s everything to me


BAJ:Doodle101:KING:final:Sue Carroll


2 thoughts on “Doodle 101 / A King’s Crown”

  • Enjoy Beth Moore!!!❤️❤️❤️Thank you for all your doodles so I have more to add to my bible journal. Learning how to draw because of how you break it down to basics😁

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