My new “art friend” Sandra Strait (check out her blog here) introduced me to the coolest free drawing tool called Scribblers (& Scribblers 2)

I don’t claim to understand how it works…but I can tell you, you need only a creative finger:)

Thanks Sandra for sharing with us!!!


 I started with my simple Scribbler.

Go to

and play until you create an image you like:)

Then….add some color using markers, watercolor, pencils…whatever medium you enjoy!



Here are some larger shots of the others I did today:)

Scribbler:Moo IMG_3619

Scribbler:bemine scribblers

Scribbler:girl scribblers

Scribbler:owl scribbler

Scribbler:2birds scribblers

Scribbler:bee scribblers

scribblers IMG_3613

Hope you enjoy playing with this super cool (and quite addictive) online tool!!!

It’s a blessing to share with you!


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