Christmas in Lights! Easy Wall Hanging Tutorial

Paper Tree / Wall Hanging Tutorial


1.) Unfinished 18 x 5 inch tray (1/2 inch deep) : found at Michaels

2.) “MERRY” letters ($1 -found in the sale bins by the front register at Michaels)

3.)  6 x 6 “World Traveler” Paper Pad (Hobby Lobby)

4.) 1 Strand of Battery Operated Rice Lights -LED (Hobby Lobby)

5.) Torn Book Pages ( I used an old Christmas music songbook)

6.) Jingle Bells (available at most craft stores)

7.) Twine & Ribbon (optional)

8.) Acorns

9.) Tsukineko Walnut Ink Spray

10.) Scrabble Letters Mini or Reg. (optional)

The tray came unfinished, so I stained it using a make-up sponge and some Tsukineko Walnut Ink Spray.

You could use any stain or paint you like:)


Next, I covered  the bottom of the wooden tray with torn pieces of vintage music paper using matte medium.

(You could use Mod Podge or any other “wet” glue you have on hand)


Cut 4-6 Squares, starting with largest size then cutting each one 1/2 inch smaller than the last.

My large tree’s bottom square measured 3 1/2…the next tiers were 3, 2 1/2, 2, 1 1/2)

Large Tree (3 1/2, 3, 2 1/2, 2, 1 1/2)

Medium Tree ( 3, 2 1/2, 2, 1 1/2)

Small Tree ( 2 1/2, 2, 1 1/2, 1)


Fold square in half to crease, unfold.

Fold in half again, making a “cross” in the middle, unfold.


Next, fold corner to corner…unfold, and fold opposite corner to corner, unfold.

You now have a “Starburst” pattern of folds.


Turn paper over, right side up, and fold in the “side triangles” -as seen above & below



Fold in both sides creating a “front & back” triangle



Next, fold down the left side of the “front/top triangle” lining the edge up with the center fold (like a paper airplane)

Do the same with the right side


Stack each folded square starting with the largest and ending with the smallest.


I used a tape gun to adhere each layer…you could also use craft glue or a glue gun.


You can vary the space between each layer depending on how “tall or fat” you want each tree be.

If you’re fussy, you line them up to be exact.  As you can see, I am not:)


Next, I added the Lights.

The Rice Lights are so easy to work with because the are on flexible wire, and will “stay put” as you bend them into place.

I wrapped each tree (1 string of lights for all 3 trees) and then used a glue gun to adhere the trees to the wood frame/tray.


I found the word MERRY at Michaels in the $1 bin.  I new I could put it to good use!

I wrapped it with jute twine, and then tied the bells into the bow.

The jingle bells were made by a friend of mine (my favorite crafting buddy), who simply took the tops off of acorns she found in her yard, drilled a small hole in the top, attached some ribbon and hot glued the top back on.

 I think they are ADORABLE!



I added some ribbon to the top edges of the tray, using a tape gun. (again, you could use whatever glue you like)


For the trunks, I used a sheet of “scrabble letters” I had in my scrapbook stash.

You could simply use scrapbook paper, and cut out a rectangle for the trunk.

On the edges of the letters I used a  dark chocolate inktense watercolor pencil to add a bit of color to them.

The Rice Light’s battery pack hides behind the tray.

I hot glued it “over the edge” and ran the ribbon over the top of it, so it’s hardly noticeable.

Easy Folded Tree Wall hanging with lights!

I am really loving these cute little Rice Lights!  They are perfect for projects like this!

Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for stopping by!!

It’s a joy to share with you:)


2 thoughts on “Christmas in Lights! Easy Wall Hanging Tutorial”

  • That turned out so cute Sue ! I think the little trees are brilliant and original used in your tray. I was floating around my WordPress reader looking for some cute ideas to link to my post today and your project was the first out of many that really caught my eye. I do a lot of scrap crafts and always have a bunch of paper to use, I really want to try your tree’s, thanks for the nice tutorial, the photo’s are great. I haven’t heard the term ‘rice lights’ before. Are they battery operated? If so, how did you hide the battery?

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