Easy Zippered Tote

I don’t know about you, but I can’t ever find a cute zippered make-up bag…other than plain black, or odd colors I don’t really like.  (neon pink:) )

I’ve been wanting to sew one myself, but knew it would have to be very simple!

This is actually my first real sewing project outside of the simple quilting I used to do 25 years ago:)

  I  had a little help and encouragement from my seamstress daughter.

This great tutorial can be found here …thank you Anna!!!

Hand Painted Make-Up Bag Tutorial w/Lindystampgang Moon Shadow Ink

I’ve got a lot more experimenting to do with color and mediums I’d like to try, but this one was “painted” with Moon Shadow Ink from Lindy’s Stamp Gang.  (Golden Doubloons)

You may not be able to see the variation in color and shimmer these Inks provide, but they are truly magical.

-One product with multi-layers of color, activated by warm water.

I heat set this design with an iron for about 30 seconds over each area.  I’m really not sure if this will prevent the color from running if it gets wet….guess I will find out!

The good news:  I don’t plan on washing this bag, so hopefully it will be fine as is.

I am sure to make more in the near future, using other products that are meant for the wash…I’ll keep you “posted!”

Hand Painted Make-Up Bag Tutorial w/Lindystampgang Moon Shadow Ink

Happy Wednesday!!

Thanks for reading:)

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