Down on the Farm

Each Summer, we go back to our second home…the one our kids have loved for 30 years… and now… they are sharing it with their kids. Not everyone could make it this year, but we take what we can get and count it all as a blessing.

Down on the Farm

Down on the FarmThis year we are celebrating the addition of a Granddaughter, daughter, sister, niece and of course wife to my nephew Luke.

Down of the Farm BBQ Desserts

There are plenty of fish and plenty of worms down at the pond…

Down on the Farm Fishing Lessons

Down on the Farm Fishing

Down on the Farm Fishing

Corn was had by all….this corn was heavenly…FRESH FRESH FRESH!!

Roasted by experts.  (Luke & Matthew)

Roasting Corn

So much to do…fishing, canoeing, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, cow watching, 4 wheel riding, flower picking, tire swinging

Down on the Farm Kids

Down on the Farm Campfire SongsDown on the Farm

Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm


It’s always hard to say goodbye…til next summer…

We love you and we’ll  miss you Green Acres.

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