Mixed Media iphone Cover

Do you ever grow tired of your phone case?  Why not paint it?!!  I have painted the one I have 3 times now…instead of buying a new one:)

Start by prepping the case surface with a few coats of Gesso.

If you don’t have Gesso, use a left over indoor  primer. (We have cans of the stuff out in our garage)

Next, I used Matte Medium to adhere torn pieces of a vintage book.

(You can use Mod Podge if you have that on hand)

Mixed Media iphone Case

You can see around the “Apple” the paint that was there before, it was blue:)

I was never happy with the last “paint job”  The lettering didn’t turn out the way I wanted …it must have been the pens:)

After it’s good and dry (give it a few coats of the mod podge or matte medium) you can start drawing with permanent markers.  I used Copic (alcohol markers) but you could even use sharpies.


I outlined and “doodled” with a Faber Castell XS Black Multi liner. (available at Michaels, & Hobby Lobby) LOOK at how JUICY the Copic Markers are…the ink oozes out. “It’s the little things”

When you are finished coloring & doodling, take it outside (I use my garage, but my hubby gets a little testy when I forget to “cover” my spray area-Our garage is quite colorful.) and spray with an acrylic sealer.  I used a gloss, cause that’s what I had.

Mixed Media iphone CaseThe Book I used was an old Children’s Bible Story Book…I love it.  I know that for some of you (my English Professor Son in law) that’s criminal…ripping pages out of a book!  But, I say it’s better to be read and enjoyed on my phone than sitting dusty on a shelf in an antique store!
Mixed Media iphone Case

Mixed Media iphone Case Mixed Media iphone Case

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