Alcohol Markers & Re-purposed Make-up Jars

Alcohol Inks & repurposed makeup jars

In an earlier post I wrote about a sample make-up bag “kit” my husband brought home for me from a recent trade show.  Thoughtful as it was, I didn’t have much use for the make-up, but I loved painting the bag with my paint pens.  Today, I cleaned out the jars and decided to give them some fun color with  Alcohol Markers.

Alcohol Markers (Spectrum Noir, Copic) can do more than color stamped images…  Not only are they beautifully vibrant and JUICY on paper but they can color other surfaces like metals, glass, and acrylic.

Alcohol Markers & Re-purposed Make Up Jars
Alcohol Markers & Re-purposed Make Up Jars

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