I can’t get enough of Alisa Burke

Alisa oozes with creativity…it seeps out of her pours.  I am so inspired by her and love to try out her latest projects.  See if you do too!

Below are photo’s that I altered with watercolors, intense pencils, and markers.

journalpage-annabelle-ohyeah-c journalpage-annabelle-ohyeah-b

And these are Alisa’s  “bug rocks”  I decided to add numbers because my granddaughter already loves to count! (and she’s only 2)


I wanted a place to store them and so I took a discarded “Melissa & Doug” box (it had housed stamps and stamp pads…which led me to my next project by the way, more on that later! )  and painted it.


I  stamped it with Alisa Burke Stamp, and added a little white on some of the “petals” to give the stamp a little more dimension.


I punched out circles that I had stamped and then numbered.

The bottom of the tray is a piece of scrapbook paper.



Thank you Alisa!  My granddaughter LOVED her number bugs!!!


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