In Every Home There is a Creative Bone.


In my home, creative bones come in many shapes and sizes. I believe we are all hard wired by the ultimate Creator…made in His image…able to create on many levels…like my husband who creates a beautiful outdoor haven for our home…like my oldest daughter who creates with beautiful stitches…my oldest son, who uses formulas I can’t begin to understand to create communications in space…my youngest son, who brings art to life on stage, and last but not least, my youngest daughter…who has chosen to be 3 dimensionally creative in her chosen occupation as an Entertainment designer.

We are all creative with unique forms of expression…

My chosen forms come in the way of food, mixed media and photography. The ultimate link to all of these is love. Loving others through a hearty plate, a sentiment expressed with ink and paint, or a moment of soul captured through a picture…and in this expression of love, joy is found.

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