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Read the Bible in a Year- Lion of Judah

Read the Bible in a Year- Lion of Judah

Good day! It’s always a good day for a good day:) As “we” finish the book of Genesis, we’re reminded of Jesus “family tree” as Joseph’s life comes to it’s earthly end. Jesus complete lineage is a bit confusing …though we do know two things […]

Genesis / Pharaoh’s Dreams

Genesis / Pharaoh’s Dreams

Click on the image above for the pdf 🙂  



Good day!

For those of you who have not read about my “Read the Bible in a Year” project, I will continue to post the details for those who have “stepped into” my blog for the first time:)

My church is using the app READ SCRIPTURE. It comes with great tools and videos that introduce each book as you go. You can find it HERE      

I highly recommend it!

We are getting close to the end of the Book of Genesis.

You have probably read/heard the story of Joseph and his beautiful coat. I can’t help thinking that as wicked as his brothers became, I’ll bet that many of us can relate to the feelings of jealousy they had. Dad clearly had favorites…especially Joseph. His brothers were not only feeling jealousy, but rejection and fear. Who hasn’t felt those?

When we act out of our emotions, we too, throw our brothers and sisters in a pit. 😔

So… things were’nt always peachy for the favored Joseph…and although he suffered many obstacles and trials, the Lord had a plan to use every step…for the good of Joseph, his family and the nation. Joseph was confident in his faith and did not lose hope because he knew His God to be good and faithful.

God provided exactly what Joseph needed every step of the way…even when it looked like all hope was lost.

Much like his coat, each separate color, became one, when the tailor weaved them together. It may not have looked like a beautiful coat, as the fabric sat in pile waiting to be sewn. The finished product would be hard for most to imagine…so we find it hard to grasp until it is finished. That is the thing about faith. We have to trust first….that the pile we feel under will be used for something more…something we cannot yet see…something for our good.

Joseph’s life is a great encouragement for us as we face obstacles in our life! Keep moving forward in the direction God is calling you to go and he will be faithful to provide exactly what you need. Even if you can’t “imagine” it.



Click on the image above for the pdf

Dreams can come true ❤️







“Year of the Word” Reading the Bible in one year

“Year of the Word” Reading the Bible in one year

Still in Genesis… Today’s section was Genesis 32-34, but I peeked ahead and watched the awesome “overview video” on day 11. We are using the app READ SCRIPTURE. It comes with great tools and videos that introduce each book as you go. You can find […]

Genesis / Read the Bible in a Year:)

Genesis / Read the Bible in a Year:)

Oh I wonder so often… how can we have such a generous, loving, compassionate, forgiving, faithful, righteous Father and ever choose to turn away? Broken covenant after broken covenant…our Father’s response???? Provide for us a lasting covenant…one that we cannot break. Click on the image […]

Genesis 18

Genesis 18


As I mentioned yesterday, my home church body has committed to read through the Bible in one year. I also confessed that the Lord has been stirring my heart to set aside some of the time I spend creating blog material to spend time  ———> deepening relationships through discipleship.

So, my posts may be shorter in nature, and less frequent than in the past, but I have a feeling that I will be sharing the process with you through my journaling and doodling:)

In a week, I will also begin the study “Seamless” by Angie Smith with the ladies at my church. It is a study that tackles connecting the whole counsel of God to help us understand the “big picture” and the story of Jesus that weaves throughout the Old Testament and New Testament.  A perfect addition to our church wide call to read all of scripture in 2018.

We are using an app called “READ SCRIPTURE” by Crazy Love Ministries. It’s definitely worth checking out Sisters! It provides a daily reading plan as well as additional videos that describe each book of the Bible as you go. They are very clever and helpful! The link for it is below:)


Genesis 18

When I can, I will provide some commentary…more likely, I will be sharing some visuals (which help me to recall what I’ve learned!) for those of you who are reading with me!

Thanks so much for sharing with me. It was encouraging to hear from others who are taking this year to read the WHOLE BOOK ❤️

Check out that app!

Much love to you,


Year of the Word

Year of the Word

Hello! I’ve missed you:) I haven’t posted in quite awhile…for many reasons really…but the primary reason is… The Lord has been prompting me to step away from too much “alone time” and back into more intentional discipling. I’m not sure if it is His Will […]

PRAYER for all mankind:)

PRAYER for all mankind:)

Hello! The prayer below is taken from the pages of Jennie Allen’s Proven study. May it be our hearts cry! CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO SAVE OR PRINT THE PDF FILE Hope you have a great weekend! Bless you,  

Good Dirt

Good Dirt


This post comes to you from the pages of PROVEN, a study by Jennie Allen. It is our women’s bible study focus this fall, and a GREAT introduction to our Spring Women’s Conference KEYNOTE speaker Jennie Allen:)

I can never share enough about the life that is extended through the Body of Christ. If you are not in a Christian Women’s study group I urge you to look for one! If we do not operate and function the way God designed, we will fall away. He created us to FIRST need (love) HIM, and second…to need (love) one another. Women’s Bible study is my lifeline.

The Chapter in our workbook this past week was GRACE: THE END OF SHAME.

I know ALL about shame. I lived with so many lies that I believed defined me, and in the midst of those beliefs made so many bad decisions. Then, coming to the end of my rope, I fell into a great pit. But the Lord was with me all along, and provided a way out. I just had to look up.

He extended the hands of Sisters like you, that led me to the light. The light of His Word, of truth, of love, of restoration and new life.

The Scripture for this week is John 13. I encourage you to read it!

In John 13, starting with verse 6 it says this:
6 When Jesus came to Simon Peter, Peter said to him, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?”
7 Jesus replied, “You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.”
8 “No,” Peter protested, “you will never ever wash my feet!”
Jesus replied, “Unless I wash you, you won’t belong to me.

We are ALL Dirty. Yep…even the “BEST” person you can think of.

The great news is…Jesus came to tell us we CANNOT clean ourselves up, and we shouldn’t try.

Ephesians 2:8-9
8 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, 9 not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

Grace is undeserved, unmerited favor from God. There is nothing we can do to EARN grace.


Jesus is clear, if we do not let HIM wash us clean, we DO NOT belong to Him. No soap, no Jesus.

Why is it so hard for us to admit that we need washed? We try to fool God, others and even ourselves into believing we are good and “right.”  If I get enough “likes” I’m in…”accepted” …loved?

The longer we stay in the dark hiding, the bigger the lies get that we believe about ourselves!

When we bring the lies we believe and our sin out into the light, God reveals to us what they really are…He forgives us, shows us a new way, and makes us “right” with Him. (Forgiven, accepted, redeemed, healed, loved, and Holy)

This process of “washing” must happen every day, all day long. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I admit one sin and ask for forgiveness, I’m doing the next.

I dear friend of mine has recently written a book entitled “New Reality (Extraordinary Living In Ordinary Life)” (by Lisa Young)

In it she says this:

”The Spirit’s testimony within our spirit will tell us when we have transgressed. (Sinned) We must step quickly into repentance (with our confession to the Lord-bringing it to THE light) when the Holy Spirit convicts, lest our flesh and the enemy rise to condemn.”

When we go unchecked, the enemy slips in and the lies we believe fester and grow leaving us feeling  “dirty” and shameful.

Lisa goes on to say:

When God is able to interact with us on a personal level, we are consumed by love and forgiveness, so that when our flesh rises (our human mind and tendencies)or the enemy attacks, we (can) dismiss the lies and remain unharmed in our soul. Our heart remains free.”


Not only will we suffer in the dark, but we will bring others with us. If we remain in this place of shame, we reject what Christ has done on our behalf. When you come out into the light, sharing your struggles, your disbelief, your sin with God and in part, with others, you will find that


That old DIRT can be used for something good…something NEW!


Get in community. Share your heart in transparency with at least one person who is faithful and seeking God.  Talk with one another, encourage one another, pray for one another and be in communication with your FATHER every day…all day:)

Bring your DIRT to the MASTER GARDNER and see what amazing beauty He grow in YOU!



Instead of trying to get the “DIRT” on someone else, lets change our focus to using our OWN DIRT to grow something new, through the love and the power of the Cross!

Love to you,


Blessings are to be a mechanism of transfer -Tony Evans

Blessings are to be a mechanism of transfer -Tony Evans

Hello Sisters! Today’s post comes from Dr. Pastor Tony Evans message “Why God Wants to Bless Us” in his series The Key to Spiritual Victory. I encourage you to listen! I’m ALWAYS inspired and challenged by Tony Evans! I’ve attached the audio below   The […]

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